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As a Java developer, you absolutely must take advantage of this respite at home to learn the 5 ultimate skills that will set you apart from other coders.

1. Keep Pace With Java Version 9, 10, 11… 16

Java is, at times, called a vintage language, but is still very much in use and the pace of the new releases has singularly increased thanks to OpenJDK and the innovations.

For instance, JDK 15 is now available (launched on 15 September 2020) and some companies are still dealing with Java 8. …

This blog post is about the two machine-learning frameworks Smile and DeepLearning4j. I am presenting my feedback and some hints useful for any Java developers interested in machine learning.

Introduction and disclaimer

This blog post is based on my own experience with Machine learning frameworks and java coding. I am not the most efficient or skilled data scientist or expert in the ML domain though I have been using it for some research use-cases in the past and for a real in-production service this year.

I have been using machine-learning (and deep-learning) for the following use-cases (classification problems):

  • How to identify code and…

This article is a quick HOW-TO after struggling with Google Cloud Build about how to send notifications when a build has failed or is successful. Since I did not want to use Slack and the heavy client, I give a try in this post with Telegram and discover the magical chatbot world.

Google Cloud Build

Cloud Build is a service that executes your builds on Google Cloud Platform infrastructure. Cloud Build can import source code from Google Cloud Storage, Cloud Source Repositories, GitHub, or Bitbucket, execute a build to your specifications, and produce artifacts.

Google Cloud Build is rather a cheap alternative to…

If your help desk software is giving you trouble, there are some open-source options available to help ease your pain — without the high cost.

In this installment of the CIO’s four open-source applications to watch we take a look at help desk software, which is the basis of incident response and IT service delivery.

This list presents fourth solutions that fit well for a small/medium Software Editor / IT Company. All the solutions are Web-based and license-free.

OTRS Community Edition

OTRS exists in two versions: a SAAS/On-Premise one, that is closed-source and the community edition. …

Je m’offre un droit de réponse à l’article du blog : “Comment garder tes développeurs” ( Ou pas…)

Cette réponse est sinon humoristique; certainement du second degré avec une part de vérité.

Cet article expose la longue liste de revendications de développeurs pleurnichards. On dirait la wishlist d’un millénial, totalement égocentrique et déconnecté de la notion de marché.

Pour répondre de manière un peu cynique :

A) Lancer un défi

Cela s’appelle de la R&D : chaque entreprise devrait avoir un budget innovation/recherche, fraction du budget total. Évidemment en fonction d’un type de société, de la taille etc, le budget est plus ou moins…

Byoskill has collaborated with the company Metrixware, in the realization of a tool for the automatic transformation of Adobe Flex applications to more modern technologies such as Angular 8.


Converting Flex application into Angular web applications

Metrixware is a software publisher at the service of Key Accounts and ETI for more than 23 years. Metrixware assists companies in digital transformation and legacy management projects for their core business applications (Banks, Insurance, Industrials, Administrations, Software Publishers, ESN …).

Metrixware’s RAPID technology offer is aimed at software publishers and major accounts to solve their most critical problems:

  • Budgets under constraint
  • TMA…

My feedback from testing the Ponicode IA powered test generation tool. Recently, the company PoniCode has attracted the attention of some investors and consequently the attention of media and the developers from the tooling ecosystem / Software Craftmanship. As you may know, I am a modest Software Craftsman practicer and I created of some test generation and quality tools in my career.

I decided to give a shot and see whether the Ponicode product deserves praise.

About the Ponicode Company

To present the company, I extracted the following quote from their website :

The creation of Ponicode is the vision of a great company…

What is a code generator and data generator? This study provides you examples and research articles about several program automation research fields. This state of the art illustrates various use-cases where tools can be used to generate code and data to ease the coder’s life.

In my latest article, we have been reviewing Ponicode, an interesting young software company that promises to generate your Javascript tests. The results of test generation tools have been quite loudly discussed. I decided to produce a second article about the domain and what a tool can do to ease the life of a coder…

Photo de nicollazzi xiong provenant de Pexels

Today, I discovered an interesting law, Gall’s law from John Gall. Le’s discover how it can be applied to software programming.

John Gall in its book Systemantics: How Systems Really Work and How They Fail. states :

“A complex system that works is invariably found to have evolved from a simple system that worked. A complex system designed from scratch never works and cannot be patched up to make it work. You have to start over with a working simple system.”

This quote is relevant even after 1975 its date of writing. Successful software is written first as a simple…

This article is an answer to the benefits and drawbacks of CQRS under the light of the DDD practices.

The original article written by Hristiyan Pehlivanov can be found there.

Despite the provoking title, the article is well-balanced and you may find valuable insights there.

TL;DR : CQRS is not a silver bullet.

CQRS is not a silver bullet

Well, it’s obvious and despite what may say any Software Programming theorist, there is no perfect design pattern, architecture model that fits for all.

DDD, Onion Architecture, Clean architecture, both of these concepts rely on some good sense and one or two successful implementations in a given…


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